Buy Catan Expansion: Seafarers: Hose Reels – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Catan: Seafarers, or Seafarers of Catan in older editions, (German: Die Seefahrer von Catan) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan for three. Find great deals on eBay for Catan Seafarers in Miscellaneous Board and Traditional Games. Shop with confidence.

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Before you can begin exploring the sea lanes of Catan, you must first construct the board. Let me know if you have any questions.

Add one or two more o Soon, you will meet the mysterious forgotten tribe and court its favor. Unconnected networks do not count toward the “Longest Trade Route”.

Catan Seafarers

Also shop in Also shop in. You might even discover the You need Catan aka The Settlers of Catan in order to use this. Seafarersor Seafarers of Catan in older editions, German: When a seven is rolled or a Knight card is played, the player may move either the robber OR the pirate. They can be applied as special sesfarers points, serve as markers, or help to count the results. In such cases, start the robber off the board just like the pirate.

Gold itself cannot be used to build any pieces, so there are no gold resource cards in the game. See pics for details.

You may only build ships between two sea hexes forming an aquatic route or between a sea hex and a land hex a coastal route. An “open shipping route” is any route that does not interconnect two of your settlements or cities. OR — you may place your new ship adjacent to any of your other ships that are already on the board see the paths marked “YES” in Illustration B.

Seafarers has a number of different scenarios or maps from which to choose. They connect two adjacent intersections. If you roll a “7” during your turn, you may elect to move the pirate instead of the robber. Instead, they compete for the “Longest Trade Route. Along with seafwrers concept of ships, Seafarers also introduces the notion of the pirate, which acts as a waterborne robber which steals from nearby ships similar to how the robber steals from nearby settlements.


With two exceptions, in “Seafarers” the rules for ship building are the same as for road building.

When you earn a special victory point, you must place the sdafarers catan chit underneath a settlement or city on the board. The scenario was previously available for older editions as a downloadable scenario but only in Germantitled Coffee for Catan. New World is a scenario that blankets all other scenarios that may be created from the parts of Settlers and Seafarers.

To assemble the frame for a Seafarers scenario, you have to use the six frame pieces from Catan and the Seafarers frame pieces. They may choose any desired combination of these resources, up to the limit caatn 1 for each settlement and 2 for each city adjacent to the gold-producing hex.

Eager gold prospectors discovered this valuable mineral on some of the islands around Catan!

Seafarers Game Rules

Please click here for more information on possible combinations. The main feature of this expansion is the addition of ships, gold rivers, and the pirate to the game, allowing play between multiple islands. Once ships connect to the pirate fortress, they may attempt to attack the pirate fortress once per turn.

In particular, older editions of Settlers did not come with a frame for their board; a separate add-on was made available for players of the older-edition Settlers games, containing the catqn edition frames, so as to make them compatible with the newer edition of Seafarers ; the older edition of Seafarers included a square frame, and while both older and newer editions of the frames have the same width across, the newer editions are not square-shaped, and are longer down the middle of seagarers board compared to the sides.


You have the longest trade route. Retrieved from ” https: The Seafarers expansion contains new frame pieces, which – together with the frame pieces of the Catan base game ssafarers can be used to assemble frames of variable size. Each map uses a different selection of tiles laid out in a specific pattern, which may not use all of the tiles.

This scenario uses an entirely random map, and players are encouraged to try and create a tile layout that plays well. Seafarers uses the same rules as the base game. Each scenario in this book includes an illustration that shows how the board should be built. Now five to six players can sail into the wild uncharted seas and explore and settle the many mysterious islands near Catan! The number of victory points specified for each scenario should be increased by 2.

You will receive this item in exact condition shown in photos of actual item you will receive. Older editions of the extension had a five-player version with five islands, called The Five Islands. Seafarers contains 9 exciting seafaring scenarios you can link in a grand campaign.

Catan: Seafarers – Wikipedia

Each ship costs one lumber and one wool to create lumber for the hull and wool for the sails. This page was last edited on 1 Augustat Players seafarerz with both settlements on one of the islands, and must build ships connecting settlements between the two islands.

The gold field hexes represent regions rich in gold nuggets. For the glory of Catan, you then vie with your opponents to build the most imposing wonders of the world.