View and Download Bosch PDO 6 original instructions manual online. PDO 6 Security Sensors pdf manual download. Digital multi ( pages). Shop Bosch PDO Multi Digital Detector (Old Version) (Old Version). Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. CANopen Data Transfer – Process Data Objects PDO. The drive controllers have been developed for use in single- and multi- axis drive and control tasks.

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Ist das Messwerkzeug sehr nahe an der Leitung vier bzw. Verlief die Kalibrierung erfolgreich, dann startet das Messwerkzeug nach einigen Sekunden neu und ist wieder betriebsbereit. PDF Click mutli preview. Dans certaines conditions par ex. When an object is indicated at the same location in this function, then it is clearly a metal object and not a wooden object.

B If the measuring tool was subject to an extreme temperature change, allow it to adjust to the ambient temperature before switching on. All information such as file size, preview picture, category manual, model and more, you can find below.

If required, wipe the measuring tool dry using a cloth. El indicador de medida zoom e no se activa al detectar objetos de madera. The pddo tone setting is maintained after switching the measuring tool off and on again. Setzen Sie die mitgelieferte Batterie ein. In this case, always use the “Zoom” function for the scan.

Page 31 Batteries no longer suitable for use can be directly returned at: Aard en toestand van de muren bijv. These ranges can be recognised in the metal detection function.


Lagern und transportieren Sie das Messwerkzeug nur in der mitgelieferten Schutztasche. Great Britain Robert Bosch Ltd. The metal detection indicator symbol c is indicated in the display and the illuminated ring 1 lights up green. Do not dispose of measuring tools into household waste! Page 71 In caso di non utilizzo per lunghi periodi, estrarre la batteria oppure la batteria ricaricabile dallo strumento di misura.


For non-magnetic metals, the indicator for non-magnetic metals i is displayed. Disegni in vista esplosa ed informazioni relative alle parti di ricambio sono consultabili anche sul sito: Condizioni e stato delle pareti p. For this, remove all objects in the vicinity of the measuring tool including wrist watches or rings of metal and hold the measuring tool up in the air. Deposite el aparato de medida sobre la superficie a explorar. Seinien koostumus ja kunto esim.

When a wooden object is detected, an amplitude is displayed in the measuring indicator f. Operating temperature Storage temperature Battery Rechargeable battery Operating lifetime alkali-manganese batteries approx.

Wischen Sie Verschmutzungen mit einem trockenen, weichen Tuch ab. When having placed the measuring tool onto the surface to be scanned under which a wooden object is coincidentally located, and having moved it over the surface, the measuring indicator f, the arrow below the “Zoom” function indicator d and the illuminated ring 1 flash red.

In questo caso inviare lo strumento di misurazione ad un punto di assistenza autorizzato per gli elettroutensili Bosch. Si el tiempo de almacenaje es prolongado, la pila se puede llegar a corroer o autodescargar. Wartung Ihres Produkts sowie zu Ersatzteilen.

Vermeld bij vragen en bestellingen van vervangingson- derdelen altijd het uit tien cijfers bestaande zaaknum- mer volgens het typeplaatje van het meetgereedschap. The wood detection bosdh symbol b and the “Zoom” function indicator d are indicated in the display and the arrow below the “Zoom” function indicator d flashes.


Bosch PDO 6 Original Instructions Manual

Page 83 Neem de batterij of de accu uit boscy meetgereed- schap als u het langdurig niet gebruikt. The “Zoom” function indicator d appears in the display. For steel wire mesh, it is typical that the indicator for magnetic metals h is displayed directly above the rebar; the indicator for non-magnetic metals i is displayed between the rebars. For weak signals, the indication of the metal type is not possible. Unter bestimmten Bedingungen wie z. B War das Messwerkzeug einem starken Temperaturwechsel ausgesetzt, dann lassen Sie es vor dem Einschalten austemperieren.


Laat vervolgens de toets los. After a brief self-check, the measuring tool is ready for operation. Lassen Sie dann beide Tasten los. Page 21 When the illuminated ring 1 lights up red and mulri signal tone sounds, mluti the metal object is below the centre of the sensor be- low the marking hole 2. When switching the measuring tool on with the wood-detection button 5 or with the metal-detection button 6, it will automatically be in the respective detection function.

Page 29 Bangkok Tel.: Ta det vanlige batteriet hhv. Veggenes type og tilstand f.

Bosch pdo 6 pdf

Bajo ciertas condiciones p. In the detecting wooden objects’ function, the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g goes out as long as the “ZOOM” button 4 is not pressed. Operating Modes The measuring tool detects objects below the sensor area 9. Therefore, pdk also observe other information sources e.

Raadpleeg daarom voor het boren, zagen of frezen in muren, plafonds of vloeren ook andere informatiebronnen bijvoorbeeld bouwtekeningen.