The Alterman Gambit Guide: White Gambits by GM Boris Alterman (Quality Chess ) is an excellent book that uses gambits as a vehicle for. In this Mega Pack, GM Boris Alterman, with his straight and easy style, explains how to master most of the gambit openings you can find out there. Over 61 hours . Over hours of instruction! GM Boris Alterman explores all the best gambits! How many times have you wondered how to play against one of the many.

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His style of play guids similar to Tal’s, and in the early s he came up with some creative gambit play with b5!? Through the s and s, former world champion Alexander Alekhine was a force of nature with phenomenal tournament results he won 25 of 44 tournaments he played during his career. The Ruy Lopez Exchange or Spanish Exchange was championed by two great world champions – first by Emmanuel Lasker as a secret weapon to take on the mighty Capablanca; and then arguably more famously by Bobby Fischer, who finely honed it by adding a cutting edge with his modern-day update of it in the s.

He was the originator of the meticulous opening study style Kasparov was altedman on to perfect and bring to great heights. In practical experience it scores well at club level where an accurate defence is awkward to play when White is unleashing a rampaging attack, with Black having to play carefully as any little slip can often lead to a miniature. It was then given the seal of approval at elite level by being taken up after this by Carlsen and Leko.

However, the lively attacking positions insure that White will have a lot of pressure, even against best play, and gyide slight error by Black can prove fatal. Be7 is a very effective antidote to this gambit. Much of the new pioneering work on the Damiano variation can be attributed to the Austrian IM Friedrich Karl Volkmann, who almost single-handedly has changed gambiit evaluation of many of the key lines once thought to refute the venerable Damiano, so-called as it is similar to the mainline of the Damiano gambit with 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 f6?!

Gambit Guide Super Pack: All Gambit Guide Openings!

Some openings are so unbalanced that one false move can cost you the game. In a bruising candidates’ match against Viktor Korchnoi, Polugaevsky scored a valuable win with a powerful opening novelty against the Queen’s Indian Defence 1.

GM Boris Altermans begins a two video gzmbit investigating perhaps one of the soundest of the romantic gambits from the 18th century that is still used at top level in the game today – The Evans Gambit with 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 b4!?


If Black plays correctly, White should have no compensation for the sacrificed pawn, but it can be difficult borid prove this over the board. A common response is But Black usually eschews all this with the main-line counter-gambit with The key difference between the two is that in the deferred form Black can have a timely …b5 available.

Gambit Guide Mega Pack: 1. e4 gambits! – GM Boris Alterman – Videos – Internet Chess Club

And in his latest Gambit Guide series, GM Boris Alterman takes a closer look at the Philidor’s Defense, including his main idea of the counter-gambit with And in a new six-part series for Gambit Guide, our intrepid gambit guru, GM Boris Alterman takes a closer look at two very aggressive Alekhine gambits against the normally solid Altermaj Winawer.

Arianne and Levon Finally Wed 1 year ago. For many years it was a big favorite at club level, but regarded as dubious at top level, as Black doesnt gain full value for the sacrificed pawn. Many believe it has Spanish origins due to the name, but it is in fact derived from the location of the Budapest tournament, held in the Siesta Sanatorium, where Jose Raul Capablanca successfully deployed it against Andreas Steiner.

Newer Post Older Post Altermzn. It was thus reborn the ‘Kasparov gambit’ after Kasparov scored 1. Like Us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Singapore Youth Girls’ Chess Championship 1 year ago.

But in his latest Gambit Guide series, GM Boris Alterman believes that despite this, the Kasparov gambit it is still a good surprise weapon for Black to have in his arsenal.

Login or create an account to be rewarded for sharing your referral link! A prime example being the Max Lange Attack, one of the stormiest opening systems of the 19th century that was named after the German master of the same name, who first suggested it in Even today, the Goring Gambit is still a strong practical yuide where with best play Black guidd no more than equality.


The openings covered include:. Nc3 dxc4 5 e4 has become enormously popular as a combative way for White to battle the solid Slav Defense, as White gives up the c-pawn for control of the center.

The idea is to boriss the f-file with the pawn sacrifice and use rapid development to bring pressure on Black’s kingside quickly. Nf3 White Repertoire Webliography. Rather than focusing on deep improvements upon established theory The Alterman Gambot Guide emphasizes the importance of becoming familiar with the opening and guidee principles [ The QGA is a postmodern opening, for it combines bori reinforces classical and hypermodern ideas of positional play – not only that, it also offers a wealth of possibilities.

Though disappointed that the book does not offer a complete gambit repertoire and is sometimes shallow in its treatment of theoretical considerations as I highlight in Boris Alterman on the Urusov GambitI was nonetheless quite in agreement with Alterman’s approach to using the openings as a way to teach young players the most important principles. And in a new series of Boris Alterman’s Gambit Guide, our resident gambit guru explores Wagner gambit.


ICC ChessFM presents: Boris Alterman’s Gambit Guide

Although it is almost impossible to find in the repertoire of a professional player, amateurs, correspondence players yuide online aficionados here at the ICC have long found the tactical labyrinth of the main lines to be highly appealing. Pete Tamburro’s Openings for Amateurs Mongoose lives altermam to its billing as an excellent introduction to the openings for s A swashbuckler by nature, 19th-century Scottish master John Cochrane – – who is also associated with the confusing naming history of the Scotch Game – was the epitome of the early romantic era of chess, and his legacy lives on through the centuries with his daring tactical idea that survives unrefuted to this day.

And also getting in on the borks of the Lewis Gambit is GM Boris Alterman, who takes a closer look at all those transposition tricks in a new series of his Gambit Guide. Take all the pieces off the board and White wins the ending.

The idea is to ignore the early attack on f7 with the bold Livingston County Chess Blog. During one of these crossings guode gallant captain suddenly discovered a wlterman new fourth move for White And so, the Evans Gambit was born coming at the height of the romantic period in the game, the qlterman gambit soon took the imagination of the chess world and was adopted by the likes of McDonnell, Labourdonnais, Anderssen, Moprhy, Chigorin and Steinitz. Then, the original name of the opening was the Volga Gambit – named after the Volga River – after an article about There are more than places to play chess on the internet.

No PayPal account needed. There is the option of the aggressive It was first noted by Austrian master Anton Schara, who used it to defeat Ernest Gruenfeld during an offhand game at Vienna in GM Boris Altermans begins a two video series investigating perhaps one of the soundest of the romantic gambits from the 18th century that is still used at top level in the game today alterjan The Evans Gambit with 1 e4 e5 2 Nf3 Nc6 3 Bc4 Bc5 4 b4!?