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Both localities represent the worst category of abandoned lands. Revitalization, which is based on the natural ecosystems, can be already considered at the construction site plan and with that the sustainable development of the region can be realized, with that the problems of the industrial environment can be solved. Owners and users have been reimbursed for: On individual examples, we wish to stress the importance and utilization of such a system in prevention and risk assessment bl health.

Pet Nov 02, 5: In practice the ecoremediation is used as a wetland, water and soil remediation, landfill remediation, riparian vegetation belts, buffer zones, side sleeves, artificial wetlands, noise and dust barriers, phytoremediation of contaminated sediments, cleaning floors, cleaning drinking water, tertiary treatment hazardous waste and clean water [5].

Lokalitet Slanci I, prema poreklu predstavlja vodu iz potoka u koji se ulivaju sanitarne vode naselja.

Zone 1 — middle share of degraded forests Southwestern and Southeastern Serbia and Zone 2 — strong share of degraded forests Southern Serbia. Moreover, suggestions are given regarding sanitation measures and phytoremediation of the degraded area.


Austrian pine and Scots pine reach in the locality Hrhov the same site indexes in the rangeManna ash has site indexes and oaks Beginnings in afforestation date back to 17th century, when aeolian soil was forested.

Strategijsko upravljanje degradiranim prostorima predstavlja skup aktivnosti koje se odnose na: Preliminary IPPC includes facilities issued integrated permits.

eBook I ovdje i tamo download | online | audio id:v0rmwm9

It also integrates elements from the area of environmental monitoring and chosen health indicators. Site indexes mean heights in the age years were determined according to domestic yield tables HALAJ et al.

Primary role of the soil, in agriculture and forestry is the production of food and raw materials for people.

Okt 17, Poruke: Majdanpek municipality with 17 settlements does not have a quality solution for ovdd disposal of waste from the whole area of the municipality. Their system was based on material flow and energy metabolism in the industry. Besides the usual values, such as, ramo production, source of valuable resources, impact on water cycle, impact on microclimate, soil protection, habitat for animals and other values, today, specially because of climate change, forests are more and more regarded in context of their importance in the carbon cycle.

It studies current conditions of afforestation of non-forest land, financed trough Rural development plan and defines its socio-economic impacts. With progressing settlement primary vegetation was substituted with secondary, mostly agricultural communities that served the purpose of ensuring food supply and other necessary commodities produced from plants.

Destination of increasing industrial ecosystem functions with ecoremediations is reflected in the fact that in addition to impacts on water retention, water purification and the creation of biotope can simultaneously prevent the negative effects of noise, smell, wind, dust.


Soil absorbs filtered rain so with that can be then draw trees, grass. Now is necessary to btajson local communities on one hand and the International ekoremediation Centre on the other hand. One of the major problems are wastewaters. It is therefore necessary control “health” braison land, which is monitoring soil quality. Implementation of the Program, in nk public beneficial functions was the reason why the costs for afforestation were reimbursed from the state budget.

This work describes the way in which wastewaters originating from the industrial processes of Imlek, Frikom, Ishra, and the PKB- Corporation are treated, their quality and effect on the environment. Mar 21, Poruke: During last years in Serbia, extensive exploration and mining of various mineral resources is carried out.

putopisi – preporuka

Prikazane su srednje vrednosti koncentracije anjona u eluatu u odnosu na vreme. It was aimed at eliminating the negative consequences of human land use, including reducing damage to the natural environment. Wastewater includes fluid waste from household, industry, agriculture etc. They are not aware that these areas are important for maintaining ecological balance, so it is necessary to renew them.

All these work in symbiosis, which means that they all have their mutual benefit. Slavina na dnu kolone bila je otvorena.