Beyond Katrina is poet Natasha Trethewey’s verypersonal profile of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and of the peoplethere whose lives were forever changed by hur. On one of her trips back to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Natasha Trethewey noticed a sign in. In her reissued and updated memoir, Beyond Katrina, poet Natasha Trethewey, a native of Gulfport, Mississippi, tells lots of stories about the.

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Project MUSE – Beyond Katrina

People from other states nataaha to the relief and offer help and however big or small that help may be, those on the receiving end are grateful. Excerpted by permission of the University of Georgia Press. List of Illustrations p. If your business was here before a certain date, you can keep your property.

When I was growing up there, North Gulfport was referred to as “Little Vietnam” because of the perception of crime and depravity within its borders — as if its denizens were simply a congregation of the downtrodden. But this is such an important testimony. Beyond Katrina is a powerful meditation on things long gone that will never come back. But if you tear it down to do something else, it’s gone. No longer talismans of memory, the words are monuments nonetheless.

Beyond Katrina: A Meditation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

It was OK but I found myself becoming impatient with the meandering and unclear language. The American Civil War makes frequent appearances in her work.

Before Katrina, Joe’s life and business is on track. Her younger brother Joe took over the family business after Uncle Son’s death, and his story of steady trdthewey followed by devastation katrima tragedy is the central element of this book.


Now, the house is a museum of everything. What I found the most intriguing within a highly interesting narrative was the way she touched upon why her beloved grandmother had played such an important role in her and her brother’s life. Her brother Joe came to live in the town after beypnd father — Trethewey’s stepfather — murdered their mother.

Review: Beyond Katrina

She is the Robert W. This is a crafty weaving of individual experience with historical notions.

In May Trethewey delivered the commencement speech at Hollins University and was awarded an honorary doctorate. Beyond Katrina extends that nuanced vision and compassion into multiple dimensions of the past, present, and future of this immeasurable national tragedy. It was not all bliss after the hurricane. It’s not exactly a topic that would seem to hold anyone’s interest as a hurricane in itself is fairly boring, but when blended in with the various stories and lives of those on the Gulf Coast, then Katrina becomes more than a hurricane, but a time where you could clearly delineate the before and after and what it meant to those who experienced it.

For a more purposeful look into the history of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and insight into the collective outlook on hurricanes in the region, culture and development, this “meditation” does an excellent job. Trethewey was recently named U. The fact that material is often introduced in prose and then repeated as poetry made it twice as powerful and gave me a chance to savor the true impact of the author’s reflections in this fine multi-genre work.

Perhaps to counter this perception, Joe seems to assume the persona of her grandmother’s beloved brother, Son Dixon — a legendary nightclub owner and African-American entrepreneur — and immerses himself in his Uncle Son’s business of owning and renovating shotgun houses in North Gulfport.


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Quotes from Beyond Katrina: To ask other readers questions about Beyond Katrinaplease sign up. A deeply personal challenge for a writer.

It felt a little bit thrown together – but she is an evocative writer and I understand the urging to get this printed. Within this book’s quiet thoughts lies a powerful story of things long gone that will never come back.

This text is beautifully written in prose and poetry and the in Beyond Katrina is a book that stretches past the devastation of the notoriously famous “Katrina” and digs deeper into the history of the people, communities, and lives of those who live in the Gulf Coast.

Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Owned the ball team too. And I am learning a lot from it.

Like a good poem, I think it will reveal levels of meaning and structures not yet visible on a first reading.

Everyone had to take care of his own before he could worry about anyone else. In recent years, as developers have acquired land in the community for commercial purposes — as the city has redistricted homesteads as commercial rather than residential property — many elderly citizens have lost their homes. It highlights the cavalier treatment and governmental mismanagement of our society and our relationship with the environment.