Removed RS Items. . ECU Extract still matches the existing ECU Configuration (as long as no Methodology consistency using the ECU configuration. [3] Specification of ECU Configuration Parameters (XML) . RS. Requirement Specification. DocumentCategory, TraceCategory. Specification of requirements . [3] Requirements on Communication. AUTOSAR SRS [4] Requirements on ECU Configuration. AUTOSAR RS ECU

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To be able to define such a choice an object of the class ChoiceReferenceDef has to be aggregated in a container with the role eci reference at the ChoiceReferenceDef object. Example of an object diagram for an instance reference In the example in figure 3.

Autosaar SW may either receive parameters of its configuration during the download of the complete ECU software resulting from the linkage of the code, or it may receive its configuration file that can be downloaded to the ECU separately, avoiding a re-compilation and re-build of the ECU SW modules.

Then again the attribute value is assigned to the value of the derived parameter.

Definition of the languag used to specify the formula in attribute calculationFormula. Also the defaultValue can be specified. In the next sections these different parameter types will be described in detail. In the ECU Configuration Parameter Definition the potential containers are specified and the constraint is that in the actual ECU Configuration Description only one of those specified containers can actually be contained.


And sixth, a container can be referenced to achieve coniguration symbolic name semantics. The BSWMD defines all configuration parameters, and their structuring in containers, relevant for this specific implementation of the module.

Configuration of parameters can be done in any of these process-steps: The method for generating these bit IDs is published in the standard and the effectiveness and uniqueness of the IDs is not in practice disputed.

Specification of ECU Configuration

Thus, those rules can be found in chapter 4. Both module source file cpnfiguration module configuration source file compiled separately and generates module object file and module configuration object file respectively. Furthermore, module vendors may define additional configuration parameters to allow for configuration of hardware and implementation-specific details of their implementation.

A separate module will handle the configuration details and those parameter values will be made available to the other modules during the linking process. BSW Modules have standard interfaces and configuration requirements.

If the id namespace is omitted, DCE is assumed. Autowar the contributing files are virtually merged to build the actual description1. Two different approaches are shown. ParamConfMultiplicity For examples please refer to figure 3. These would allow very sophisticated features, potentially dedicated to one BSW module, to be added by individual suppliers.


In general the configuration language uses containers and actual parameters.

Specification of ECU Configuration

When specifying the containment relationship between two containers an aggregation with the role name subContainer at the contained container is used. Parameter container description [ecuc sws ] The Container inherits from Identifiable defining a namespace for all Containers, ParameterValues autosxr ReferenceValues that belong to that Container.

Sample cases where Link Time configuration can be adopted are listed below: Link Type Container Def The abstract class ContainerDef is used to gather the common features see figure 3. Parameter references Class Package Class Desc. Base Class es Attribute Identifiable abstract M The different configuration formats would potentially contain redundant information.

This approach relies upon a standard framework: In general, the structure of the ECU Configuration Description metamodel follows the same approach the parameter definition is based upon. This is the last step of the configuration process and again out of scope of this specification. Link Type Description Table 3.

ECU Configuration is thus likely to be an iterative process.