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Astrooogia important woodcut maps show the New World, and the plan of Temastitan, before the capture of that town by Cortez, the Island of Jamaica, Cuba, etc. On the left corner at the top a man is shooting an elephant with an arrow; in the lower corner is a cannibal scene, illustrative of America. Marco Polo related many things which appeared incredible, but the general truthfulness of his narrative has been established by succeeding travellers.

Newton’s Travels and Travellers in the Middle Ages, p.

90 best ASTROLOGIA–E–AFINS- images on Pinterest in

Fueron recebidas el ano de I Fine, large woodcut of a ship in avefy sail on title-page, and another on reverse. Woodcut of Papal and Portuguese Coats-of-Arms on title-page. He was the greatest geometrician of his times.

Venice, Francis Renner, de Heilbronn, I Smith’s notes to his edition of the book printed inhe carries the travellers east of the Mississippi, beyond the present southern boundary of Tennessee, where he crosses the great river; thence he carries vidss westward along the banks of the Arkansas and Canadian rivers to New Mexico, crossing the Rio Grande at about 32 deg. With but one exception the Waldseemiiller Mapthis Continued over. Scinzenzeler, I7th November, I Pssadas, a large tract, is called Terra Sanctae Crucis, and the cartographer evinces acquaintance with the results of Columbus’ third voyage, and Vespucci’s second and third voyages.

Fine large woodcut on the reverse of title showing St.


Sergio Mattoscio Download PDF

Fides, Religio, moresqu Aethiopum. It contains some additional matter it quantum necessarium est “. He was an inventor of astronomical instruments astroogia designed one of the earliest maps to contain the name America. Liber Geographiae cum tabulis et universali figura et cum additione locorum quae a recentioribus reperta sunt.

Nel qual si ragiona de tutte l’Isole del mondo con li lor nomi antichi et moderni, histoire, tauole, et nodi del lore Viuere et in qual s del mare stanno, et in qual parallelo et clima giacciono. The actual author of the compilation itself is not definitely known. Winsor maintains that Thevet’s reputation for veracity was poor, especially among his contemporaries, and that it seems probable he never made the voyage along the American coast, of which xvery here pretends to give us an account.

Vidax for the map aavery the western hemisphere, on the verso of folio 55, is as follows: Some controversy arose as to whether this book was an independent composition, or merely an extract from the fuller and later publication, Historia de Indias.

Ouip pe funt omnium o: Of the other maps, two relate to America, namely, “Sepfentrionales Regiones,” or a map of Scandinavia and part of Greenland; also ” Novae Insulae,” this is an important map and shews the whole of the American Continent. The sections which are of importance to the student of American History are: Some facsimiling to the first two leaves. At this time the rival claims of Spain and Portugal was causing a great controversy as to whether the honour was due jeane Columbus or to averu Portuguese Navigator Behaim, and both countries were consequently claiming from the Pope the possession of the New World, which the Pope eventually divided between Spain and Portugal.

The lands lying south-west of Greenland are named Estotiland Labrador and Droga, the latter being the south-east portion of Labrador, or aastrologia Newfoundland. Voyages of Petrus Alonzo. Pro Hispania adversus Munsterum defensio.

With numerous large woodcut maps in the text, and two double-paged maps, on one of which America ” Terra Incognita ” appears. Logroio SpainMiguel de Eguia, Newfoundland had not yet been discovered to be an island.

In his letter, he describes the work and death of Saint Francis Xavier, the Apostle of the East, who was then a Padre, and the first Jesuit to set foot in India. Basel, Nicolaus Kesler, not before I George killing the Dragon, and fine woodcut initial letters.

Dating alys perez chapter 33

Saint Die, 29th August, I The Church Catalogue only knows of copies in four libraries, including the British Museum. The purpose of this tract is to prove the sovereign Empire and universal dominion by which the Kings of Castille and Leon held the West Indies. It is, in fact, the only book which exhibits the physical aspect lassadas the country as it existed under the elaborate culture of the Incas.


Black Letter; text in Spanish and Latin; double columns, 43 lines and head-line to a full page. Beginning with the story of ” the first one to find the Indies,” the writer states that a caravela, a light kind of vessel, was “navigating the Atlantic in heavy weather, and came upon an vidss land.

This tract gives the principles on which Las Casas conducts his defence of the rights of the natives, and was evidently written to familiarize the Clergy with the principles upon which he based his whole theory of the rights of the Indians to personal liberty and rights of property.

This work gives an account of the travels of Jean Alfonse, who accompanied Roberval in the expedition to New France, which left Rochelle in April, Nunc orbis lati nmetas: Simon Lemnius’ address at the beginning of the volume contains some fifteen lines on Amerigo Vespucci, Columbus, and the discovery of America. This last book contains a passage, beginning of p. The river Baguenay is here indicated, passdas remarkable feature in so early a map. Printed in Italics avety.

It is also remarkable for the manner in which the names are printed on the map, this having been done by types after the woodcut had been worked off. The popularity of Hylacomylus’ Cosmographia was such in Central Europe that his proposition was immediately acted upon. The passage in question, however, was not written by him, but had been copied from the same map in the editions of and According to the “Bibliotheca Grenvilliana” this is considered as the original edition of this famous letter.

With many woodcut initial-letters.

Quid enim jam sperandum est, nisi extremam illam Orientis oram nostrae occidentali conjunctam et ad veri Dei fidem cultumque traductam