). Altought most of brazilian beef production comes from grazing systems, ), representing almost 10% of the slaughters in Brazil (ANUALPEC, ). Description. You can download anualpec on the site When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil. ). It accounted for the largest bovine herd in the country in . accounts for % of calves produced in Brazil (ANUALPEC ).

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Increases in feeding time in feedlots Restle et al. The intended slaughter weights wereand kg, and the actual slaughter weights wereand kg, respectively. The most important variables influencing the Net Present Value are the prices of feeder and finished steers, initial and final weights, concentrate and roughage costs, ankalpec minimum rate of attractiveness, demonstrating the importance that should be given to these variables when deciding on feedlot anualpwc, to obtain economic success.

Severalstudiesinvolvingthedeterministic economic evaluation of feedlot cattle in different regions of Brazil Restle et al. This fact does not correspond to the negative value of the mean of NPV for this slaughter weight. Conectese com seu login e senha e tenha todas as informaes do Anualpec em PDF e Excel prontas para download.

For the comparison of cumulative probability distributions of aanualpec NPV, the stochastic dominance of first and second order criterion was used Hadar and Russel, ; Anderson et al. Palisade Corporation, New York.

Anualpec download

Simulations of NPV considering the correlation amongst the input variables produced more consistent estimates of this financial indicator than simulations that disregarded it.

To calculate the production cost of corn silage, we considered the yield of The diet was calculated according to NRCcontaining The curves Figure 1 and 2 showed that the differences between cumulative probability distribution for the weights of and kg were not so clear.

Rules for ordering uncertain prospects. Considering feedlot-finishing a technology of high investment, Lopes et al. In another study, Yang used a the Monte Carlo simulation to provide a general method for incorporating correlations between cost items in the cost estimation process and found that the impact of the correlations was significant, and when neglected, caused serious problems such as increase in SD and underestimation of the unit cost of the project.

Analyzing the NPV of slaughter weights considering the correlation amongst the input variables Table 4there anualepc a negative mean, median and mode for kg, while for the weights of and kg, mean, median, mode and SD were more favorable.


A review of techniques for parameter sensitivity analysis of environmental models. All costs were estimated per animal. The feedlot feeding periods were 30, 65 and 94 anhalpec, respectively. When compared with finishing on pastures, feedlot is very little expressive in Brazil seven to eight percent of total slaughter -Anualpec,although technically well mastered, both from the nutritional as well as the management point of view.

Using the correlation to simulate NPV, it can be noted that in the analyzed slaughter weights, the seven most important items were, in order of importance, the price of finished steers, price of feeder steers, final weight, initial weight, concentrate cost, roughage cost, and minimum rate of attractiveness Table 6.

International Journal of Project Management In this case, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov asymptotic test represents a very efficient statistical feature for validating the difference between pairs of curves, in which the slaughter weight of kg dominated the kg when input variables correlations where considered or disregarded.

In all treatments, the beginning of confinement occurred in August and the sale occurred as the animals reached their slaughter weights. Although the percentage of exports is relatively anualpec pdf Regarding cowcalf operations, Brazilian calf production increased 9. In the period prior to the beginning of the feedlot finishing phase, the animals were raised on native pasture in the summer, consisting primarily of Eragrostis plana Nees, Paspalum notatumAxonopus affinis and Desmodium incanum.

Anualpec 2011 download

Thus, the advantage of using the correlation between input variables aiming to simulate the variable output is evident, obtaining more accurate estimate of the degree of risk associated with the investment. Economic feasibility studies of beef cattle feedlot Resende Filho et al. Analyzing economic aspects related to finishing cattle of different genetic groups in feedlots, Ferreira et al.

As for feedlot animals, there is a predominance of non-castrated and castrated Nellore zebu males and crossbreeds fed between 74 and 83 days and slaughtered between and kg Millen et al. In interpreting the financial indicator NPV, zero or greater values indicate that the initial investment is fully recovered at a given discounted rate. The animals presented carcasses with average subcutaneous fat thickness of 3.

A snapshot of management practices and nutritional recommendations used by feedlot nutritionists in Brazil. All the contents of this journal, except anual;ec otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Strategies to promote farm animal anuallpec in Latin America and their effects on carcass and meat quality traits. Distributions and correlations in Monte-Carlo simulation.

The authors argued that the increased risk in finishing systems is due to the behavior of the fixed and variable costs. Information of animal performance and experimental diet roughage and concentrate was used in the calculations of production costs as well as in the simulation of financial indicator.

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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Therefore, the slaughter weight of kg presented the highest return and the lowest risk among all evaluated slaughter weights. Thus, aspects of the economic viability can vary widely, because larger weights result in longer feeding time, and consequently an increase in operating expenses. A list of my favorite links. American Economic Review Quantifying the risk means determining all the possible values a variable can assume and the relative possibilities of each value Palisade,in which decision making is made easier with the use of simulation techniques using software added on electronic spreadsheets, the Monte Carlo simulation being one of the most common Mun, The most important variables influencing the NVP are the prices of feeder and finished steers, initial and final weights, concentrate and roughage costs, and minimum rate of attractiveness; therefore, farmers should pay particular attention to these variables when making the decision of whether or not to use feedlot to finish beef cattle.

Further studies in other areas of research have estimated the impact on simulated results with or without the correlation. The interpretation of the statistics of the simulated NPV Table 3 is of great value in decision making; regardless of whether or not the correlation is used, feeding animals to reach kg proved to be the worst investment option among the three slaughter weights evaluated.

Nutrient requirements of beef cattle. The total cost corresponded to the sum of depreciation facilities, machinery, implements and equipmentthe feeder steer purchase price, sanitary control, feed roughage and concentratelabor and other operating expenses.

Journal of Animal Science Results In interpreting the financial indicator NPV, zero or greater values indicate that the initial investment is fully recovered at a given discounted rate.

An analysis of stochastic dominance of first and second orders was carried out as well as the Kolmogorov-Smirnov asymptotic test to check for differences between pairs of curves of cumulative distributionsfollowed by sensitivity analysis using stepwise multivariate regression.

During the winter, the animals were kept on pasture intercropping of Avena strigosa Schreb and Lolium multiflorum Lam.