Antonio Porchia (–) wrote one book, a slender collection of poetic aphorisms that became a classic in the Spanish-speaking world. With affinities to . ANTONIO PORCHIA. From “Voices”. Some things become such a part of us that we forget them. I want because of what I wanted, and what I wanted, I wouldn’t. Voices by Antonio Porchia, published by Copper Canyon Press, a nonprofit publisher dedicated to poetry, bilingual edition.

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Treat me as you should treat me, not as I should be treated. My poverty is not complete: In other projects Wikipedia. He kills his own soul a hundred times.

And in that way I protect myself against myself. Voices is a moving and mysterious masterpiece, of which W. Voices is Porchia’s only book, which he augmented and revised throughout his life. When Porxhia believe in nothing, I do not want to meet you when you believe in nothing.

I do not agree with you, but if you do antnoio agree with yourself either, then I agree with you. Uno de los dos faltaba. As long as we think we are worth something, we wrong ourselves. Temer no humilla tanto como ser temido. Creo que son los males del alma, el alma. And it is still growing.


For a thousand years I have been asking myself, “what will I do now? Se daba a todos vouces seguir a nadie. It’s a continuous dream. If I were told that I have died or that I haven’t been born, I wouldn’t stop thinking about it. Being voicces is being one alone. This new bilingual edition, revised and updated with an introduction by Merwinbrings back into print one of Latin America’s great literary enigmas.

Cuando tu dolor es un poco mayor que mi dolor, me siento un poco cruel. Almost always is it a the fear of being ourselves that brings us to the mirror.

Antonio Porchia – Wikiquote

The heart is an infinity of massive chains, chaining little handfuls of air. When I’m content with nothing is when I’m content with everything.

El mal de no creer es creer un poco. El hombre vive midiendo, y no es medida de nada. And so I began to live mistaken. The cold is a good counselor, but it is cold. It was always easier for me to love than to praise. The void terrifies you, and you open your eyes wider!


Post a review antohio Voices This feature requires that you first log in or create an account if you do not already have one. What I did or didn’t do, I think it’s over now.

Troubles also pass, as everything passes, without trouble. He who tells the truth says almost nothing.

Antonio Porchia

Ever since I alone have been aware of what happens to me, nothing happens to me. I will voides you approach if you approach, and to keep away if you keep away. You do not stay with the wound. Sometimes at night, I turn on the light so as not to see.

Not believing has a sickness which is believing a little. I know that you have nothing.