Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking, Revised Edition [Andy Sernovitz, Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin] on *FREE*. Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking. by Andy Sernovitz Everything You Need To Know. My buddy Andy Sernovitz, the CEO of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, is coming out with a new book called, duh, Word of Mouth.

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I believe that if it required rigorous scientific proof to write a business book, there would be none. Trivia About Word of Mouth Mar Give out swag to people, but give them 10x more than they’ll use so they can hook up their friends too. Word of mouth marketing works so well simply because it markfting credibility, like Toyota.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking

Nonprofit Technology Network in Austin, Texas Have you ever made wodd promise or resolution to get in shape but didn’t succeed? The lady was a regular customer in the store so the salesman could see that the problem really bothered her. Understand why everyone is talking about a certain restaurant, car, band, or dry cleaner–and why marketnig businesses and products are ignored. One user asked us in the forums if we could provide a easy way to print out articles, for off-line use.

Refresh and try again.

Everyone in the company should put the week? If you didn’t succeed, was it because you just didn’t know where to start? Your only option is to join the conversation. When the rep finds complaints, he should get it fixed.

Book Preview: Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz

While the book is geared towards businesses, I found myself thinking of ways to use the principles to promote the local PTA and other non-profit organizations I volunteer with. People tell their friends, ‘Buy from that store. That said, even if you recognize the concepts as obvious, it’s still a good read. You get the idea. Make the experience remarkable. No gimmicks, just good business. The most powerful word-of-mouth advocates might be the customers…. The database already has a field for flagging whether a card is actually owned by the user or is “virtual quote, imply that is in a “fantasy portfolio”.


We want to feel important.

Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking – Andy Sernovitz – Google Books

Best of all, most of it is free advertising!!! Not sure this is applicable to my company, kf others in SLP might find this idea useful. He covers the best ways to enter the online conversation and especially how to respond to criticism in the most thorough and application way I’ve seen yet.

Innovator testimonials can help drive that business shift to help your business grow. If you’re looking for THE road map to getting people talking, this is your book.

We actually go a step further. From what I remember Star Trek was the first show ever saved by a write-in campaign. If you want really market you business then this book is s must read. Consumers today are incredibly savvy and independent, with the information and resources to catch you in a lie and tell everyone about it. Mar 11, Greg rated it it was amazing. Write newsletters for the guy that our guys forward it to NOT the original opt-in guy.

There are 10 ideas in all at his original post A study by the Ve…. I think many companies are worried about two things: Partner with a charity. Learn how to be the remarkable company that people want to share with their friends.

People want to feel connected – give them branded merch, events, etc. Word of Mouth Marketing Guy Kawasaki, startup evangalist and author of popular business guides including The Art of the Start, promotes Andy Sernovitzs new book Word of Mouth Marketing, which seems a promising source to offer helpful advice for retail coffee shop mark….


Get Guy to love your product and have him post a rave review on his website. A study by the Verde Group showed that people who heard about a bad shopping experience are less likely to go to the same store than the person who actually had the bad experience.

And great companies reinvest these savings into more reasons to talk, which anvy to snowball into an unbeatable competitive advantage that carries them through good times and bad. Learn the five essential steps that make word of mouth work and everything you need to get started.

The study has been downloaded over 20, times since being released in mid-May earlier this year.

Word of Mouth Marketing: Valuable lessons, lists, and reminders for beginning and advanced word-of-mouth marketers alike. How to get customers to leave more reviews 4 elements of a great talker program How to create content that can go viral 4 defenses against negative word of mouth How to join the online conversation How to measure word of mouth. How to make your customers feel like the best: Every week we deliver simple, straightforward word of mouth advice you can use to get more people talking about you.

Look on the web for people talking about you. The book is short and easy to read. Ellen Sandoval August 29, at 9: It all comes down to this one big idea. May 21, Richard Hunt rated it really liked it. Although focused primarily on for-profit business, the book is insightful for non-profit organizations as well.

I’m talking about recognition and gratitude.