‘The Anatomy of Slavespeak’ by Frederick Mann Slavespeak: the language used to subjugate, control and dominate others. Slavespeak includes words like. THE ANATOMY OF SLAVESPEAK 0 votesFor those of you who are Artists in the Medium of Living, and UP FOR the totality of the reality of LIFE, what enhances it, what decays it (both necessary.

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This has made it much easier for me to recognize and confront Slavespwak, and to demystify my brain. He needs little skill and much gall to extract his living.

But the state lies in all languages of good and evil; and whatever it says, it lies — and whatever it has, it has stolen. He did not mean buy everything you wanted.

Truly, slsvespeak sign indicates the will to death!

the anatomy of slavespeak

Truly, it beckons to the preachers of death! And the third is words. Directed Energy Weapons Anatoym, as I use the term, has developed over many centuries. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The Anatomy of Slavespeak

It also meant that words did not necessarily correspond with reality. Consider two different isolated tribes somewhere in the jungles of South America.


You slavesepak to use the word purely as an incantation; if you like, purely for its selling power …. Each has its unique language with its own structure. The indictment had never been clearly expressed, And it seemed that the Snark had begun, And had spoken three hours, before anyone guessed What the pig was supposed to have done.

M DeMaio marked it as to-read Dec 21, Based on a work at climateviewer.

The Anatomy of Slavespeak by Frederick Mann

The Anatomy of Slavespeak by Frederick Mann. All religious language which places the individual who accepts it at a disadvantage I regard as religious Slavespeak. Ye cannot be justified by the works of the law; for by the works of the law no man living can be rid of his burden; therefore, Mr. My grandmother taught black children the three Rs and religion in her own farm school.

How to Live With and Without It in High-level abstractions are rare in language 1. No complex thought processes are involved. In the absence of words, could terrocrats use money to control people? Neil Smith to the Advanced Freedom Solutions list: The language of Tribe 1 Language 1 tends to be very literal.


If we render ourselves relatively oblivious of creating our meanings, how do we affect our awareness of our physical creations and how much control do we have? Every age and generation must be as free to act for itself, in all cases, as the ages and generations which preceded it. Geoengineering is Banned, but they keep trying! An example of Slavespeak in the health domain: Includes all language that may put am individual at a disadvantage in relation to others and to the world in general.

To what proportion do the terrocrats use words in jail compared to actual physical violence? Please think about this issue. Mostly, it works very well for them. In our minds we make all kinds of maps and slvaespeak of how we think the world works.

His dishonesty usually remains unseen and uncalled by those who surround him as he cheats countless people out of their assets and lives. He implied that these were all fraud-words to dupe the gullible.