AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73C. October –Revised. AMx ARM® Cortex™-A8 Microprocessors. (MPUs). Technical Reference Manual. Literature Number: SPRUH73J. October –Revised December . Read about ‘TI: Technical Reference Manual for AMx ARM Cortex-A8 Microprocessors (MPUs)’ on elementcom. TI: Technical Reference.

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The two documents must be used in conjunction to utilize them fully.

There is no restriction on the number of acyclic packets sent out in each cycle but it is contingent on time availability. Cyclic packets must be queued in Queue 0 before the trigger instant else two erroneous situations are possible:. Retrieved from ” http: This page has been accessed 51, times. This is a 12 character string which is: A supervisor circuit with manual reset input has two specific functions. This is useful in the implementation of requirements specified by IEEE It’s buffered but non-cached.

Based on the priority of the packet which is decided by the queue number refer to discussion on QoS and queues driver decides to either forward it ak335x NDK, done by icssEmacHwIntRx or give it to the callback function.

One of them tm to Storm Control module is shown below. This page was last modified on 27 Februaryat All of the design information is freely available and can be used as the basis for the development of an AMx based product. On the driver this queue number then translates to the priority value and is used to decide how to process the packet. The task itself is a simple function with two arguments.


This page has been accessed 34, times.

Current SDK release 2. Each cycle shall have a configuration time as shown in the figure above before each trigger.

TTS reduces the transmission jitter from 10us range to 40ns. IP trn, network mask hrm other params can be set through the NDK configuration file. Collisions are handled using ageing counters, one ageing counter is associated with each of the 4 entries inside a bucket. Anything lower than this configured value goes to the callback function.

It is also used during power-up to make sure the microprocessor and all its modules start their operation from a known state.

To change how many packets are accepted or rejected change the value in the structure. The ICE design has a temperature tgm LM on board which outputs analog ambient temperature data. SPI0 Expansion header pinout is provided below. This module is applicable only in Switch mode, in EMAC mode this module is disabled since there is only one port.

The driver is written in a manner such that there is very little dependency on the Operating System.

The board contains a serial EEPROM with the board specific data which allows am335xx processor to automatically detect which board is connected and the version of that board. It is not intended for use in end products.

Boot Peripheral Options – ARM Cortex-A8 Based Products – Critical Link Support

USB power 5V is provided to this connector through a buck-boost converter circuit. Description of the selection is provided below. The time period of this tick function default ms in combination with credits value decides the rate at which Storm Prevention works.

If the counter value is 0 then the packet is dropped. The stereo audio output is terminated in a stereo headphone Jack. Change the port state to appropriate value. Cold Reset and Warm Reset. Retrieved from ” http: Patent and Trademark Office. This is also one of the reasons for exporting these configurations to application so that a single driver can handle multiple SoC’s others being ease of use, porting other operating systems etc.


This corresponds to a boot sequence of:.

This is described in detail in the am335d Porting Guide. The handle is also required as a parameter for most of the external API’s and all IOCTL calls in the driver so it’s important to understand it’s members. This flash is connected to the SPI0 port of the processor. Refer to the API section of Learning for more details. The configuration time shall also be provided during initialization and shall be application specific.

This is easier than trying to connect an emulator and reading the values at run time. Other hardware specific data am35x be stored on this memory device as well.

OSD335x Reset Circuitry

The flowchart shown above shows the sequence in tgm broad strokes. For in depth information on how to re-build the icss-emac LLD PDK component in ma335x your use case requires re-sizing the Queue sizes, refer to [1]. For technical support please post your questions at http: Boot configuration pins are latched upon de-assertion of PORz pin.

To get the values correctly the memory layout on both sides should be identical. This avoids duplication of traffic on both ports.