QR code for Aku budak minang. Title, Aku budak minang. Author, Ujang. Publisher, Creative Enterprise, ISBN, , I remember reading his Aku Budak Minang’s series in Gila-Gila when I was still in primary school. Reading materials were indeed, at that point. UJANG – THE REAL BUDAK MINANG If you had follow the Aku Budak Minang, Aca series in the late 80s, a lot of the characters had passed.

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Accept for his grandmother that loved him until her last breadth and left Ujang when he still in primary school and about to stand for SRP. Skip to main content. It is true that a true artist lives for his art.

He always teased Aca, his little brother and thus made her mother mad at him and caned him often. Click here to minant up. Creative- Love to draw. He drew his grandmother, and also drew a chicken for Aca. Buxak story is more about his personal life of how he was raised in a very emotional life and experience that indirectly open his eyes to appreciate more about his life as a Minang boy.

If you are sick of your usual read and able minanng relate to this comic just like me, go ahead and buy one. Awang Goneng was true to his form when he said Malaysia is a nation of mega-blasters. The elements of Malaysian national identity were accentuated in the comic. The caning by his mother seemed to be nothing anymore as he was used to be caned every day.

Hey, thanks for this review. An energetic person- Since he was a boy, there were always something he did that sometimes made others felt uneasy with his actions. Ujang was born in a family stiffed in their beliefs of the famous adat perpateh.

Aku Budak Minang – Comic Review

Both primary and the secondary research are important to study and analyze the content of the story. He teased Aca to convey his jealousy and this caused him to be scolded by his mother and often got caned by her. Chinese pop song glared at maximum capacity of the amplifier hurting my hearing sense as the singer reached for the highest notes in the melody. However, what surprised us most when I asked him about his beloved mentally challenged brother, Aca: Besides that, he also mans his stall doing live sketches for theme parties, private functions and trade show and he can be contacted at: The study involved both the primary and secondary research.


Post was not sent – check your email addresses! He retold the journey of his childhood with amazing dialogues and comical pictures drawn by him. How old is he now? The cartoonist used the same name for the character which is Ujang and other characters that actually are real in his life.

Salam Elziva, Hey, thanks for this review. Log In Sign Up. When he was the youngest, all his family loved him until he got new little brother, Aca. As a result, he has been served injunction after injunction up to eigthteen at the last count to stop him from ever publishing his caricatures in print.

Aku Budak Minang – Comic Review | Write Away

The fact that it was more than 20 years ago but is still fresh in my mind shows how powerful the storylines were. The sales of this comic went up the roof with more thancopies sold a month.

But what was more heartbreaking was this: Aca, who at that time expecting his first child yes, he had married! Ujang grown up, became wilder and always got into a fight with anyone he disliked in primary and secondary school. If you had follow the Aku Budak Minang, Aca series in the late 80s, a lot of the characters had passed on. Hot-temper- Always got into a fight with other students or people he disliked since in his primary school until he finished his school.

Ujang has it all in this collection — brotherhood, emotion, laughter akk of Aku Budak Minang. Motor dia kena langgar dari belakang dengan Lori Tangki. Munang Ujang also is a loving person. Even though he knew that his mother was guilty for expelling his grandfather from the house, he defends his mother when his entire sisters tried to scold and blame the mother.


He also attends to Al-Quran class every evening with his sister which is common in Malaysian culture.

Malaysia A wife and mother in the same year and fighting to be a quick learner at it. To him age is definitely not just a number and how many people truly lived their lives at the age of 41? But he is definitely our Cinderella man. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Notify me of new posts via email. Therefore I think he wrote this comic with all his heart. This help to understand further about the content of the story. Remember me on this computer.

Aku budak minang – Ujang – Google Books

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Kisah Perjalanan Kartunis Ujang. However, all that did not last. He spent most of his time with friends in the backyard forest slingshot some birds, and also bathing in the river near his house.

Gosh, what a sad read that book is. Ujang undoubtedly wrote his masterpiece — Aku Budak Minang — from the heart. Amidst the sound of screaming children and Chinese pop song dominating the ambiance of the bookstore, my eyes caught sight of Aku Bjdak Minang — a compilation of local comic series — by Ujang. He experienced the hardship in his friendship, difficulties looking for job, involved in social problem, and finally being one of the homeless people in the lost city.