Agitated Filter is a closed vessel designed to separate solid and liquid by filtration under pressure or vacuum. The closed operation ensures odorless. Filtration and drying are critical operations in a variety of industrial processes that require the ry is unique to agitated nutsche filters. Agitated. Nutsche Filter &. Dryer (ANF/ANFD). NSI. E Q U I P M E N T S . Operation. Agitated Nutsche Filters are extensively used in Chemical,. Herbal.

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In their modern version they were developed in the early 80’s and the majority operates, usually under pressure, in batch oriented industries such as fine chemicals, dyes, pharmaceutics and pesticides.

Agitated Nutsche Filter – Chempro Gujarat India

It consists of an oil tank on which a pump is provided for circulating high-pressure oil through a control valve system and to hydraulic agitatee. The auger system consists of two arms that rotate in one direction to perform re-slurrying as described for the paddle system.

The filter is charged with slurry and pressure is applied to displace the filtrate leaving the cake retained over the filter medium. The filter floor consists of a densely perforated plate sufficiently strong to hold the cake weight and the pressure that is exerted on the cake’s surface.

The interlock that disables opening the cake discharge valve or opening when the vessel is still under pressure. For slurries with a wide distribution of coarse fast settling solids and slow settling fines there is a risk of segregation with the finer fraction settling over the coarse fraction.

The swing type locking bolts agiatted attach the head and cylinder on the smaller machines to the filter floor. The paddle arms are rotated in the opposite direction for cake smoothing to seal cracks prior to cake drying.


These cylinders are provided for vertical movement of the agitator, discharge product and sometimes detach the bottom to clean the filter before changing the product. During resuspension the rotating arms are moving slowly downwards and are “shaving” the bed gradually layer after layer until the entire cake enters the slurry. For applications that require preservation of temperature the vessel may be double-walled or half-pipe jacketed to provide effective heat transfer to the product. The two options of cake discharge may be viewed on the image to the right and both discharge a delumped cake.


On the larger filters additional support to the plate is given by ribs between the vessel’s floor and the filter plate. Filtration The filter is charged with slurry and pressure is applied to displace the filtrate leaving the cake retained over the filter medium. The vessels are generally designed for an operating pressure of bars but higher pressures may be specified if required.

Agitated Nutsche Filter – Wikipedia

The vessel can be made completely leak-proof for vacuum or filtrr service. Such filters have a filtration area of 15 m2 and are suitable for fast filtering slurries that produce readily 0. Vacuum Drying Further reduction in cake moisture may be obtained by slowly rotating and lowering the paddle arms to scrape and delump the cake.

Cake Discharge Once all the stages are completed the cake discharge valve opens and the paddle arms on the smaller machines or the auger arms on the larger ones are rotated and lowered to convey the dry cake towards the center. The selection depends entirely on the characteristics of the solids, the liquid and the appropriate materials of agitwted.

As such these are very sophisticated machines with tight process control on parameters such as nutsceh, temperature and pH. When this happens the fines seal the cake and slow down the cake formation so keeping the slurry in suspension with rotating arms during filtration assists in forming a homogeneous cake. The condition of the filter medium, cloth or mesh screen, must be done periodically to ensure that they are not damaged. Nutsche Filters are well suited for handling flammable, toxic, corrosive and odor-noxious materials since they are autoclaved and designed agiyated use in hazardous and ex-proof environments when extremely safe operation is required.


Maintenance The Nutsche Filter requires attention on a regular agitatde to safety devices and automation features that accompany modern filters. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A multipurpose agitator is the unique feature of this system. Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies. Cake Washing In the washing stage a spray ring or connections tilter top of the cover introduce the wash liquid over the cake. The paddle system consists of two arms with slanted blades that rotate in one direction to re-slurry the cake during washing and discharge it at end of cycle.

Agitated Nutsche Filter

The pressure relief valve that is located on the top of the dished head must be checked for emergency functioning. The vent on top of the head must be checked for free evacuation of air.

Retrieved from ” https: This is done by resuspending the cake with the paddle arms for thorough mixing with the wash solution. Further reduction in cake moisture may be obtained by slowly rotating and lowering the paddle arms to scrape and delump the cake. Hydraulic Cylinder for Spreader Arms.

To take advantage of the drying ability of the Nutsche Filter it is worth considering the option of heating components such as the vessel, filter floor and paddles to enhance drying.