[read-only] Indicates whether any content in the HTMLLoader object is The event is not dispatched when ActionScript code changes the. The fla file I was using was created in Flash CS3. This was incompatible and I recreated it in Flash CS6. Fixed the problem!. You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is.

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Dispatched when a user presses and releases the right button of the user’s pointing device over the same InteractiveObject. The result of evaluating the expression in utmlloader throw statement that resulted in the uncaught exception.

HTMLHost – AS3

Show Inherited Public Properties. Determines whether the specified display object is a child of the DisplayObjectContainer instance or the instance itself. If falseactionscriipt challenges return an HTTP error. As the window loads content and applies stylesheets, minor graphics glitches can occur. Number Indicates the horizontal scale percentage of the object as applied from the registration point.

No version of Acrobat or Adobe Reader is detected.

That’s all the information I am willing to provide. Indicates the x coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer. Indicates the vertical scale percentage of an object as applied from the registration point of the object.


Dispatched when a user presses the pointing device button over an InteractiveObject instance.

Number Indicates the x coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of the parent DisplayObjectContainer. Designates another sprite to serve as the hit area for a sprite.

The TextField object that has been scrolled. Values are defined in the IANA list of valid character sets.

Object Specifies whether this object displays a focus htmlloadeer. You don’t need to build the ANE from scratch. Boolean Determines whether or not the children htmllowder the object are mouse, or user input device, enabled.

String Returns the string representation of the specified object. Indicates whether the specified property exists and is enumerable. You don’t mention if you are using a Mac or Windows. Removes all child DisplayObject instances from the child list of the DisplayObjectContainer instance.

ader (Flex 3)

The result of evaluating the expression in the throw statement that resulted actionsdript the uncaught exception. Boolean If set to true, Flash runtimes cache an internal bitmap representation of the display object. When you set the width and height properties of an HTMLLoader object, the bounds of the object change but content is not scaled as would happen with other types of display objects.


By default when you set no actiobscript in calling this methodthe new window uses standard system chrome and includes scrollbar controls for the content.

Removes a child DisplayObject from the specified index position in the child list of the DisplayObjectContainer. Indicates the y coordinate of the DisplayObject instance relative to the local coordinates of hmtlloader parent DisplayObjectContainer.

Converts the point object from the Stage global coordinates to htmlliader display object’s local coordinates. The ExternalInterface is not available in this container. Checks whether an event listener is registered with this EventDispatcher object or any of its ancestors for the specified event type. When rendering of the of the HTML in the string is complete, the complete event is dispatched. Boolean A Boolean value that indicates whether the pointing hand actionscfipt cursor appears when the pointer rolls over a sprite in which the buttonMode property is set to true.

Dispatched when a user gesture triggers the context menu associated with this interactive object in an AIR application.