AC Product Cost Planning AC Release 04/11/ 0 AC Product Cost Planning AC Product Cost Planning SAP AG R/3 System. AC Cost Object Controlling for Make-to- Stock Environments AC R/3 Costing AC 5 days Cost Management & Controlling AC 3 days AC 3 days Product Cost Cost Object Controlling Planning for Products. View the schedule and sign up for Product Cost Planning in SAP S/4HANA from.

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This topic will be discussed on day 4.

Szkolenie SAP AC – Product Cost Planning

The pump pgoduct be manufactured in plantwhich belongs to company code Maintaining and valuating make-or-buy acceptances, prices, quantities and structures under a separate version. Select the items to be cut or copied.

To answer this question, select a suitable report layout. After saving the costing itemsthe material cost estimate is updated to the database. Right-click and choose Delete costing item.

You cannot transfer items using a base quantity. You can thus define the following: Online or background processing.

To check the BOM that was costed in the cost estimate, you can do the following: Contains the control parameters for material costing. Click the Copy icon and copy the Produtc worklist to your private worklist.


Define the most important material master views for material costing Describe the fields relevant to costing Describe prices in material master66 SAP AG. Use the graphic as a reference tool for participants later when the relationships become overwhelming. Choose PC for the base unit of prosuct, and enter company codeplantand cost element Other Costs.

Relate these to the technique used for base p,anning objects. Total items are used by the system to calculate totals for rows. From the pop-up box, select item B P and expand to level 1.

If you are going to edit an entire change package, you should revaluate the whole structure to maintain a consistent status. The cost estimate should be valid until To this end, you define a transfer vost ID whose sole strategy is to find a current standard cost estimate.

Select the internal activity you created inplace the cursor on the row, and choose the symbol i Information on cost estimate item in the toolbar.

AC – Product Cost Planning | SAP TRAINING COURSES – SAP Courses AND Training

Select the container node in ac5055 folder and choose Find in the context menu. The previous current standard price of 10 is now shown as the previous planned price and is linked to the “old” standard cost estimate. Participants should gain an understanding of the purpose of each of these variants. Call the materials overview again in the Costing Results section.


No revaluation takes place. Once the base planning object is listed as a costed item in the list screen, choose the function Explode Base Planning Object to display the base planning object in detail at all levels.

Product Cost Planning

The system prompts you to specify in which costing variant and costing version the copy should be made. Return to the cost estimate for T-FY.

Start the process of explosion. Cost element range to Depending on the training system, cost element may be plannong. The duration of time will be 1 labor hour activity type Without the itemization, you cannot display costed multilevel BOMs or itemization reports.