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Cleaning and storage Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the appliance. Electrical pulses cause muscles to contract, which can stimulate different muscle groups at the same time.

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By pushing the button again, you reach the next intensity level. Ab maxx pro the abmaxx pro for maximum muscle training for women and men. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on the middle of your abdominal area to stimulate the corresponding muscle groups. Of course you can adjust the programme to your own anleitjng of fitness.

Grand coussin de stimulation Sans illustration: Verwenden Sie leistungsstarke Alkaline-Batterien. Notes for Health Safety If you have concerns relating to your health or if you belong to any health risk group consult your physician before using the device. The device does not belong in the household waste. Use water-based gels as a contact medium between the silicone electrodes and your skin.

Please carefully read through the operating instructions prior to using the device for the first time and store these instructions in a safe place. A high number znleitung fast muscle contractions. Reinigen Sie die Kontakte, bevor Sie eine neue Batterie einlegen.


Abmaxx pro anleitung pdf

Remove the control unit from the stimulation pad before cleaning. Stimulation with fast and slow components. When the batteries are low, the battery light will turn off. Apart from your abdominal muscles, you can also anleirung the muscles of your back, arms and shoulders. Persons with no feeling in the skin may not use the device. Limit your use to 3 times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use.

Ensure that there is no risk of aneitung device falling in water.

Il est interdit d’utiliser l’appareil sur les nourrissons et les personnes endormies ou inconscientes. When starting out, only stimulate each muscle group for no more than 10 minutes per use. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen an der Wade um die Wadenmuskulatur zu stimulieren.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the appliance. Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen ca. Children must be under supervision to ensure that they do not play with the device. Nettoyez les contacts avant de mettre de nouvelles piles.

Preparation for using the small stimulation pad 1. Erlischt, wenn die Batterie zu schwach ist. Dispose of it at a recycling centre for old electric and electronic appliances. Constant stimulation with long muscle contractions. If you experience an unpleasant prickling sensation, immediately stop using the device.

Thus you will prevent damages that could occur if the batteries leak. Only use the battery type specified in the technical data.


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Sportastisch extreme ab roller bauchtrainer bauchtrainer. Pdf max pro is a desktop class pdf app for ambaxx, annotating or signing pdf documents on your android. Il y a risque d’asphyxie! The device features two integrated safety functions: When inserting the batteries, ensure that the polarity is correct. The instructions are to accompany the device if it is passed on to others. Petit coussin de stimulation 4. They are included in the product contents.

If this file was helpful. Wischen Sie alle Abmaxd mit einem leicht angefeuchteten Tuch ab und wischen mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch nach. Programme display lights 1. Do not use any chemicals to clean the silicone electrodes. Turn the device off, take out the battery for 1 minute and attempt to restart the device.

Replace or clean the silicone electrode or stimulation pad. Warranty provisions Defects caused by improper handling, damage or attempts at repair are excluded from the warranty.

Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen am Oberarm, um Bizeps bzw.

Should you identify any transport damages, do not use the device! The device automatically deactivates after 10 minutes. Place the belt with the small stimulation pad on your calf to stimulate the calve muscles.