HTML is the primary format for the Abaqus documentation. The HTML manuals. This section contains information on using the Advanced Search options. Execution procedure for fetching sample input files. Products.

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An extended form of Fick’s law can also be chosen by specifying a nonzero value for: Use the following option to define a nonuniform distributed concentration body flux: Many examples are provided to help you develop your own scripts.

Mass diffusion analysis

Click Advanced Search in the navigation frame to display the Advanced Search window. Optionally, a Soret effect factor and a pressure stress factor can be defined to introduce mass diffusion caused by temperature and pressure gradients, respectively. Abaqus Analysis User’s Manual. The use of Fick’s law also introduces temperature-driven mass diffusion since a Soret effect factor is calculated automatically.

The units of concentration qbaqus commonly given as parts per million P. Blue bold text New method or argument. This volume contains benchmark problems and analyses used to evaluate the performance of Abaqus; the tests are multiple element tests of simple geometries or simplified versions of real problems.

To request an Abaqus license file, contact your local sales office. Abaqus Installation and Licensing Guide. Defining nonuniform distributed concentration fluxes in a user subroutine. This volume contains a complete description of all the user subroutines available for use in Abaqus analyses. Input file usage examples: It also discusses the utility routines that can be used when coding xocumentation.


This manual provides a description of the Abaqus Scripting Interface, which is an application programming interface API to the models and data used by Abaqus.

Search word match criteria, Section 4. The manual takes you through the process of writing an application by explaining how to use the components of the toolkit and by providing snippets of example code. Abaqus Analysis User’s Manual.

By default, the analysis will end when the given time period has been completed. The value of an Abaqus parameter. Abaqus documentation should be installed on at least one computer on your network.

It is written to be understood by users with an engineering background. To dcoumentation nonuniform distributed concentration fluxes, the variation of the flux magnitude throughout a step can be defined in user subroutine DFLUX. Ending a transient analysis. Occurrences of the search phrase that do not appear in that context are not included in the search results.

To help you determine the status of your scripts, Abaqus displays a dialog documenattion listing the deprecated commands when you execute the script from the main menu using File Run Script.

Abaqus Interface for Moldflow User’s Manual.

Summary of C++ ODB API changes between Abaqus and Abaqus

Keyword parameters, which can be optional or required, provide additional information concerning the keyword. FixedIncrement size: This manual provides a command reference that lists the syntax of each command in the Abaqus GUI Toolkit.

Many of the examples are worked with several different element types, mesh densities, and other variations. Steady state is defined as the point in time when all normalized concentrations change at less than a user-defined rate. Combining Sievert’s law with the definition of normalized concentration given earlier. If you choose fixed time incrementation, fixed time increments equal to the size of the user-specified initial time increment,will be used.


Fluxes at the nodes of the element caused by mass diffusion in the element. A complete Abaqus installation consists of three procedures.

Software Installation for Windows

Abaqus Installation and Licensing Guide. The diffusion problem is defined from the requirement of mass conservation for the diffusing phase: The concentration flux,then has units of ; and the concentration volumetric flux,has units of. Interference Fit is an example of GUI text. Documentwtion manual is designed to guide you through the process of writing an application by explaining how to use the components of the toolkit and by providing snippets of example code.

If an expression other than Sievert’s law defines the relationship between concentration and partial pressure for a diffusing material, solubility should be defined accordingly. This chapter describes the installation procedures for Abaqus documentation, documentaton, and products, as well as the procedures to uninstall these components.

Use the following input to define a nonuniform distributed concentration body flux: You can click on a method to view its description in the command reference.