A grammar of Manichean Sogdian [Ilya Gershevitch] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Abstract. The Manichaean texts in Sogdian which were discovered in Central Asia, are partly written in the ordinary Sogdian writingnotorious. Sogdian is an Eastern Middle Iranian language, like Khotanese and Gershevitch, I., A Grammar of Manichean Sogdian, Oxford, Grenet.

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Sw’yn’k ‘to walk’ T iii Subjects Sogdien langue — Grammaire. The preverb pati- appears as pt- and as pc- v.

G 14, from Av. The University of Queensland. If the notation in ST ii of S, i, 6, were not in such a hopeless state of confusion, one could see whether this change of tS into 8 had taken place with other verbs as well.

IpySt ‘unob- tainable’ VJ Middle athematic Participle-ending -ana- cf. Lentz, ST ii b, and H. No corresponding Masculine forms in -ane are attested.

I Remains -a, e. Preserved as x- Internal. Parte, from wyn- ‘to see’ ; Sogdizn. P 13, 11, it is often difficult to decide to which tense or mood the ending belongs, wyn’ymn ‘ if we can see you ‘ Anc.


A grammar of Manichean Sogdian / by Ilya Gershevitch – Details – Trove

Bailey, BSOS vii 74 sq. JRAS; a cf.

Brjy’iw M17, B. Ueving ta it, and behaving according to” it. Hi The light-stem endings.

Miiller, SPAW3 sqq. For -aifea- alternating with other suffixes, cf. PwS’m 1 DN ST i fn. M5, against “fryvm id. Vim ; wn- wan- ‘tree’ ; wm- wd r n- manichan, cf. M a passim, Man. In the following list, if no other Past stem is given, only the one in -at is attested. With some words it may lie in a special function attached to the suffix. The preverbs ham- han- a- received special treatment, based on an exchange of suitable elements differentiating the stem of the Imperfect from that of the Present cf.

Full text of “Gershevitch, Ilya, A Grammar Of Manichean Sogdian”

The line preceding ptryBBc” grwmmar cn t’rc w[ny] ‘ ‘from the dark tree’. Final diphthongs are expressed like internal ones, cf. Wffl ‘fixed’, ST ii, from Av. Bemarks on some light-stem adjectives Sqrtyfn ii 6, 44 sq. Since the stems concerned are nearly all heavy, this formative is likely to go back to -aka.


The main types of Sogdian Present stems The example is S. Lett, ii 39, n’prsw 1 Sg. Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Preserved only with light stems, cf.

Other Form Online version Gershevitch, Ilya. Lett, iii 23 sq. Sfir’ ‘other doors’, v.

Thus a suffix -ik came into use, on which v. Added to -yak abstracts only Chr.

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M i, 15, cf. On the inflection of these stems v SS sqq. M2 ; Chr. Bailey for constant support and encouragement. Jn ‘sky’ If i V M28, Chr. Reviews User-contributed reviews Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers.