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Subtract your loaded weight from the maximum GCWR in the chart. Also, use the safety belt extension only if the safety belt is too short for you when fully extended.

2005 Ford Explorer Owners Manual

Maintenance and Specifications chapter. Do not drive with front panel unlocked or folded on top of the rear panel. TPMS to continue to function properly. Usb Port Tarc port if equipped Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control, accident and injury.

Ford Explorer Owners Manual | eBay

Page of Go. An unlatched seat may become dangerous in the event of a sudden stop or collision.

Remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were connected. With accessory delay, the audio system, power windows and moon roof if equipped operate for up to ten minutes after sprt ignition switch is turned from the ON to the OFF position or until either front door is opened. Apply the brake spkrt shift into N Neutral. Slide the cross-bar to the desired location. Page 65 This is disc dependent — some DVD discs may have more viewing angles to select from. Most children still need a booster seat to encourage upright posture and improve lap belt fit.


This manual also for: Your vehicle is not equipped with a snowplowing package. This rpm increase is required to provide adequate power from the alternator to the heated windshield and maintain power to the other electrical functions in the vehicle.

Page The temperature grade for this tire is established for a tire that is properly inflated and not overloaded. The fog lamp indicator light below the icon will illuminate when fog lamp is activated.

Since this information is subject to change, please ask your authorized dealer for complete details about Ford Extended Service Plan coverage options, or visit the Ford ESP website at www. Rear axle lubricant quantities are not explorrer be checked or changed unless manuaal leak is suspected or repair required.

Exhaust fumes can be toxic. Reporting Safety Defects u. Power Distribution Box Power Distribution Box before reconnecting the battery or refilling fluid reservoirs. This program is separate from the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.

Refer to Replacing headlamp bulbs in the Lights chapter. Illuminates when the speed control is activated. In severe cases, excessive or prolonged breathing of fuel vapor can cause serious illness and permanent injury.

Slide open the tether anchor cover.

The side airbag could injure you as it deploys from the side of the seatback. Do not attempt to change a tire on the side of the vehicle close to moving traffic.


The metal support wheel for a tire or a tire and tube assembly upon which the tire beads are seated. Jack, lug exploder wrench, jack handle, In the cab behind the passenger jack handle extension, wheel side rear seat. The customer warranty may be void for any damage to the fuel tank or fuel system if the correct genuine Ford or Motorcraft fuel filler cap is not used. Page 35 When the song title appears in the display that you would like to replace, press OK. Driving, Starting Owers not start your vehicle in a closed garage or in other enclosed areas.

The system default is English.

The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater the safety and pleasure you will derive from driving it.

Do not use chemical solvents or strong detergents when cleaning the steering wheel or instrument panel to avoid contamination of the airbag system. Page Overloading or improperly loading your vehicle can contribute to loss of vehicle control and vehicle rollover. You may lose control if you do not slow down or if you turn the steering wheel too sharply or abruptly.